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Woman Definition Massage Oil
Rejuvenating massage oil

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Woman Definition Massage Oil
Rejuvenating massage oil

almond oil 500 mg/g,rice oil 200 mg/g, raspberry,
rose and blackcurrant oils, lithospermum

officinale root extract, vitamins C and E
» an elixir of youth encapsulated in a luxurious oil
» a composition of a modern emollient made of
milk thistle and natural plant oils
» a bomb of vitamins and antioxidants
» high concentration of Omega-3 and -6 acids
» gives a soft touch effect – leaves no greasy film
» smoothes the skin noticeably
» ideal for combining with creams and masks
during massage
» does not require rinsing

» designed for endomodelling massage by
» for professional massage of any type
» recommended for Japanese kobido and
shiatsu massage techniquesf
» for the face and body

100 ml

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