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Neuro Sensi Mask, perfect for hypersensitive & capillary skin!

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Neuro Sensi Mask

Neuro Sensi Therapy was designed for hypersensitive and capillary skin. The combination
of Endothelyol™ and SensAmone P5 peptide has a neurosensory effect on vessels and sensory
receptors. It also actively monitors inflammation factors, vascular problems and sensation
neuroreceptors. It is recommended for irritated skin, rosacea-prone skin as well as skin after
dermoesthetic treatments.

About the Neuro Sensi Mask:

» targeted night repair of hypersensitive and
capillary skin
» maximum concentration of active substances
» multi-level effect on all problems of
hypersensitive and capillary skin
» daily soothing and comfort
» allergen-free fragrance

» specialist night care of hypersensitive and
capillary skin
» active support of therapies of rosacea-prone
» temporary care after esthetic treatments
» daily application instead of night cream

50 ml

SensAmone P5 20 mg/g, Endothelyol™ 20 mg/g,
Calamine 50 mg/g, Licorice Extract 20 mg/g

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