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Vitamin drops for at-home daily skincare – the perfect supplement to the professional
Arkana Full Spectrum treatment.

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Vitamin drops for at-home daily skincare – the perfect supplement to the professional
Arkana Full Spectrum treatment. A fantastic solution for skin that requires immediate
brightening, nourishment, and antioxidant action. The unique combination of strong
active ingredients and a light, pleasant formula makes this product a favourite among
our clients.

The composition includes a plant stimulator of vitamin D3 receptors in the skin,
carotenoids from pink algae IBR SolAge™ and the vitamin complex Vecticell®AEC.
Thanks to its rich formula, the product works in many ways: it prevents skin
photodamage, eliminates wrinkles and sun discolouration, and has potent antioxidant
properties. It not only fights the already existing skin imperfections but also prevents
their formation in the future.

After the first application, the skin becomes softer, nourished, and smoothed. With
systematic use, wrinkles become less visible, the skin is brightened and looks less
tired. The product slows down ageing caused by glycation, reduces cellular stress and
neutralises UV radiation effects.

Light formula. Convenient packaging with a pipette.

Skin type: all skin types, regardless of age and sex.

Capacity: 30 ml

Active ingredients
● IBR SolAge™ 10mg/g
● Vitamin D3-like 20mg/g
● Vecticell® AEC 30mg/g

IBR SolAge™ – eliminates the effects of photoaging, gives the skin UV protection,
and prevents the formation of redness, discolouration, and sunspots.

Vitamin D3-like – protects skin cells against oxidative stress, reduces skin redness
and irritation, and neutralizes free radicals – the main cause of skin ageing.

Vecticell® AEC – a stable and active form of vitamins, that protects against
photoaging, and stimulates skin regeneration processes.

● Signs of skin ageing: wrinkles, furrows, mimic lines
● Anti-ageing prevention
● Red, irritated skin
● Dry and tired complexion
● Skin exposed to smog and pollution
● Skin exposed to strong sunlight
● City dwellers and frequent screen users
● Everyone who needs a vitamin boost
● Skin that needs strong revitalization
● Sun-damaged skin (discolourations and sunspots)
● Home care after dermo-aesthetic treatments, such as Arkana Full Spectrum

● Prevention of skin photodamage, such as discolouration, wrinkles, and sunspots
● Anti-ageing effect
● Smoothing the skin
● Antioxidant and detoxification
● Inhibition of the glycation ageing process
● Better skin hydration
● Much softer, brightened, glowy complexion
● Visibly younger skin
● Stimulating the skin regeneration processes

Apply a few drops of the product onto the cleansed skin, gently massaging it. Use
daily on the face, neck, and cleavage. For better results, combine it with Arkana Full
Spectrum Adapting Cream or any other Arkana cream.

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