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Home care for skin exposed to harmful environmental factors—sun, smog, heavy
metals, and other toxic air pollutants.

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Home care for skin exposed to harmful environmental factors—sun, smog, heavy
metals, and other toxic air pollutants. A fantastic product for tired, dry, dull skin,
especially for people who live in cities or are exposed to a lot of screen time. It works
great as an at-home supplement to the original Arkana Full Spectrum treatment as
well. Advanced protection against the negative effects of city life!

Arkana Full Spectrum Protect Drops provide advanced protection against UVA and
UVB radiation. The innovative CityStem™ complex inhibits the action of free radicals
responsible for the ageing process, deeply detoxifies the skin and strengthens its
natural protective barrier. The addition of hyaluronic acid gives the product strong
moisturising properties. Small particles of the substance reach the deep layers of the
skin, ensuring long-lasting hydration, for a smooth, firm, rejuvenated skin.

The semiliquid formula makes the product easy to apply. Smooth distribution and
rapid absorption. Easy and hygienic dispensing drop by drop.

Skin type: all skin types, regardless of age and sex.

Capacity: 30 ml

Active ingredients
● UV filters
● CityStem™ 20 mg/g
● Hyaluronic acid

UV filters – protect the skin against UVA and UVB radiation and prevents the
harmful effects of blue light.

CityStem™– eliminates the damaging effects of smog, supports the skin
detoxification system, neutralizes free radicals, and slows down the skin ageing
process, strengthening its protective barrier.

Hyaluronic acid – hydrates the skin deeply, increases its elasticity, and brings
refreshment and relief after sun exposure.

● Skin exposed to smog, pollution, screen light and intense sunlight
● Visible wrinkles, furrows, and mimic lines
● Loss of skin firmness and elasticity
● Dry, dull, tired, and polluted skin
● Anti-ageing prevention
● Skin after dermo-aesthetic treatments
● City dwellers and frequent screen users
● Sun-damaged skin (discolourations and sunspots)
● Skin that needs deep hydration
● Home care after dermo-aesthetic treatments, such as Arkana Full Spectrum

● UVA and UVB protection
● Preventing the blue light effects
● Promoting skin detoxification
● Much stronger skin
● Deep skin nourishment
● Photoaging protection
● Strengthening the skin’s natural epidermal barrier
● Much softer, brightened, glowy complexion
● Protection against photoaging
● Stimulation of skin’s regeneration processes

To ensure the best sun protection, apply a few drops of a product at least 20 minutes
before sun exposure. Reapply every 2 hours. Thanks to its light formula, the product is
perfect under makeup and can be applied over makeup.

For better results use it in a combination with Full Spectrum Adapt Cream or any other
Arkana cream.

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