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An amazing broad-spectrum cream intended for professional use at the end of dermo-
aesthetic treatments.

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Full spectrum of protection against UV, VIS and HEV radiation after cosmetic
procedures. This product is made for professional use as one of the steps in Arkana’s
original Full Spectrum treatment. The active substances contained in the cream, such
as SolAge™ (carotenoids from pink algae), and the innovative CityStem™, as well as
a plant stimulator of vitamin D3 receptors in the skin intensively inhibit the action of
free radicals. It protects the skin against the main causes of skin ageing – oxidative
stress, sun exposure, blue light, smog, heavy metals, and other toxins from the

The Arkana Full Spectrum Finish Cream makes the skin visibly softer and smoother
after the first use. When used in combination with other products from the Arkana Full
Spectrum treatment line, it reduces the appearance of wrinkles, brightens
discolouration and sunspots, and strengthens the natural protective barrier of the skin.

Light, creamy formula that spreads easily over the skin.

Skin type: all skin types, regardless of age and sex.

Capacity: 100 ml

Active ingredients
● SolAge™5 mg/g
● CityStem™20 mg/g
● Vitamin D3-like 10 mg/g

SolAge™ – absorbs UV radiation, reduces the effects of photoaging, improves skin
elasticity and firmness, and prevents sunspots formation.

CityStem™– eliminates the effects of smog, toxins and heavy metals, supports the
skin detoxification system, neutralizes free radicals, slows down the ageing process,
strengthens the skin’s protective barrier

Vitamin D3-like – reduces the skin’s susceptibility to redness and irritation, protects
the skin against oxidative stress, and protects against photoaging.

● Loss of skin elasticity

● Skin exposed to sun and smog
● Skin that needs detoxication
● Skin prone to redness and irritation
● People that live in cities
● Anti-ageing prevention
● Tired, rough skin
● Spots, sun damage and skin discolouration
● Signs of skin ageing such as wrinkles and furrows

● Prevention against photodamage and glycation stress
● Prevents sunspots and discolouration
● Visible skin elasticity improvement
● Slowing down the ageing processes and wrinkles prevention
● Reducing the tendency to redness and irritation
● Antioxidant, detoxifying effect
● UV protection
● Eliminating the effects of smog, toxins and heavy metals

Product directed for beauty professionals, as a last step of the Arkana Full Spectrum
treatment. Apply it on the skin according to the treatment procedure after using the H+
Active Booster, H+ Active Booster and Full Spectrum Vitamin Shot. If this is daytime
home care, recommend your clients apply the Arkana Full Spectrum Protect Drops
under this cream.

The cream is compatible with other Arkana products: C-Fusion Glow Booster, Woman
Estri Mask, Derma CollAge Plumping Mask, Reti Fusion Vecti+, and Nauro Cannabis
Mask. Apply using a sandwich technique.

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