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An advanced protective cream for daily, year-round home skincare.

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An advanced protective cream for daily, year-round home skincare. A product with a
wide spectrum of action that can be used as a supplement to the professional Arkana
Full Spectrum treatment. It contains strong active ingredients that protect the skin
against the effects of UV, VIS and HEV radiation. It eliminates the effects of
photoageing, delays the formation of wrinkles, supports the natural detoxification of
the skin, and has a brightening effect on discolouration and sunspots.

The Arkana Full Spectrum Adapt Cream is especially recommended for tired skin,
which is frequently exposed to visible or blue light (produced by screens, e.g.,
computers or smartphones), as well as smog, heavy metals, and other air pollutants. It
combines three innovative active ingredients: a plant stimulator of vitamin D3
receptors in the skin, CityStem ™ complex with a detoxifying effect and IBR SolAge
™, which inhibits skin ageing caused by glycation.

Pleasant, creamy formula easy to apply. A spatula is included for the hygienic
application of the product.

Skin type: all skin types, regardless of age and sex.

Capacity: 50 ml

Active ingredients
● IBR SolAge™ 5mg/g
● Vitamin D3-like 10mg/g
● CityStem™ 20mg/g

IBR SolAge™ – has huge UV-absorbing properties and improves the elasticity and
flexibility of the skin after sun exposure.

Vitamin D3-like – enhances the protective barrier of the skin, has great anti-
inflammatory properties, and helps to combat dryness.

CityStem™ – eliminates the effects of smog, toxins, and heavy metals from the air
and enhances the natural skin protective barrier.


● Signs of skin ageing: wrinkles, furrows, mimic lines
● Red, irritated skin
● Dry and tired complexion
● Skin exposed to smog, pollution, and sunlight
● Discolourations and sunspots
● Anti-ageing prevention
● Home care after dermo-aesthetic treatments, such as Arkana Full Spectrum
● City dwellers and frequent screen users
● Sun-damaged skin (discolourations and sunspots)
● Home care after dermo-aesthetic treatments, such as Arkana Full Spectrum

● Protection of the skin against solar and oxidative stress
● Prevention of skin photodamage: discolouration, wrinkles, and sunspots
● Anti-ageing effect
● Deep skin detoxification
● Better skin hydration
● Much softer, brightened, glowy complexion
● Visibly younger skin
● Skin redness and irritation reduction
● Stimulation of the skin regeneration processes
● Stimulation of vitamin D receptors in the skin


Apply the cream on the cleansed, toned skin. For better results use it in a combination
with other Arkana Full Spectrum products, such as Full Spectrum Vitamin Drops.

It also complements the effects of other Arkana products: C-Fusion Glow Illuminator,
Derma CollAge Moisture Cream, Neuro Cannabis Elixir-Cream, Mask-Cream, Reti
Fusion Vecti+ Cream and Essence Mask.

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