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This specialized face and neck mask is based on Lipo-MaskTM encapsulation technology containing biomimetic peptide imitating black widow spider toxin, stimulating collagen production, as well as moisturizing and anti-aging substances. The patented nanoliposome encapsulation technology ensures rapid penetration of the ingredients into the skin, their gradual release and the stability of active substances.
The mask is made of acacia, resulting in a smooth and soft material, with a delicacy reminiscent of silk.



– face and neck mask
– lifting, moisturising and collagen stimulating properties
– as a complement to professional face and neck treatments
– at-home care for lifting and moisturising effects
– before a big night out
– skin regeneration, protective properties and stimulation of skin repair processes


– Complementary to any face and neck treatment
– Mini home care treatment with a lifting effect
– Care for all skin types regardless of age
– Before a big night out, for immediate smoothing and preparation of the skin for special occasion make-up


1 pc Sachet

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