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A total elixir for the eye area

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A total elixir for the eye area

Act simultaneously on 6 skin problems around the eyes (wrinkles around the eyes, drooping eyelid, loss of flexibility, deepened “valley of tears”, dark circles and bruises under the eyes, and proneness to aedema and bags.)

The instant action of the elixir contains two valuable active ingredients – Meiview ™ and Majestem ™, thanks to which it reduces 6 major skin problems around the eyes. It gives a detox effect. The first effects are visible after 7 days of use, all thanks to the maximum concentration of active ingredients. Hypoallergenic fragrances and an eco-certified preservative dedicated to the sensitive eye area were used for the production.


Every morning and evening on cleansed skin around the eyes, also on the eyelids.



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