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Intensive skin regeneration after dermoaesthetic treatments in professional clinics.

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Intensive skin regeneration after dermoaesthetic treatments in professional clinics. Specialised serum for at-home skincare – recommended for use in combination with the Arkana cream from the same line. It enhances the effects and accelerates skin healing after radiofrequency, laser or mesotherapy treatments. Thanks to the innovative ingredient – ExoComplex® – EXO Power has a restructuring effect on the skin, stimulating its cell renewal and shielding cell DNA from damage.


The product contains a complex of five growth factors: IGF-1, EGF, acidic FGF, basic FGF and VEGF which have potent anti-ageing properties. The addition of hyaluronic acid hydrates the skin and prevents water loss from the epidermis. As a result, the skin is smooth, soft, and nourished immediately after use. This serum was designed as one of the steps in the skin biostimulating treatment, Arkana Exosmal Skin Modulation.


Skin type: all skin types, especially mature skin


Capacity: 30 ml 


Active ingredients

  • ExoComplex® 8 billion/g
  • Growth Factors 30 mg/g
  • Hyaluronic acid 


ExoComplex® – stimulates skin cell renewal, reduces the signs of ageing (wrinkles, lack of firmness, deep furrows, and expression lines) and provides advanced skin regeneration.


Growth Factors Complex – stimulates fibroblasts and activates cells to multiply, accelerates the natural healing and regeneration process.


Hyaluronic acid – provides the skin with moisture, firmness, smoothness, and elasticity immediately after use.



  • After aesthetic and dermoaesthetic treatments with radiofrequency, lasers, and mesotherapy
  • Skin in need of revitalisation and rejuvenation
  • Wrinkles, furrows, fine lines
  • Lack of skin elasticity and firmness 
  • Uneven, dull skin requiring texture improvement 
  • Skin in need of intense hydration 
  • Ageing prevention



  • Maintaining the effects of professional treatments
  • Deep skin regeneration and rejuvenation
  • Stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis 
  • Slowing down the ageing processes
  • Improvement of skin firmness
  • Reduction of visible signs of ageing (wrinkles, furrows, fine lines)
  • Smoother skin with improved texture



Highly specialised at-home skincare. Advise your clients to use the product once or twice a day. Works best when combined with the Arkana PRP Rejuvenator or another Arkana cream.


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