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a high-dose of vitamin C in three forms

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• a high-dose of vitamin C in three forms

• strong antioxidant properties of curcumin

• intense effect for many hours after the treatment

• the effect of illuminated and radiant skin

• very effective velvet consistency


• it provides the skin with a powerful dose of vitamin C and curcumin

• manual application, with the use of equipment or microneedling technique

• recommended application with C-Fusion Glow Booster

• compatible with other professional therapies

Vecticell® C 200 mg/g, Vecticell® Curcumin 30 mg/g, Nikkol VC-IP 1 mg/g, Luminescine 30 mg/g, rosehip oil, extract from red orange and Kakadu plum

5 x 2.5 ml


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