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Take care of your skin during hormonal changes with the Woman Definition & Eye Set.

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Treat a loved one this Christmas with Arkana’s Luxury Cosmetic Sets!

Take care of your skin during hormonal changes with the Woman Definition & Eye Set. This set nourishes your skin during skin changes and is a perfect skin supplementation. Recommended for mature skin.

Comes in a beautiful limited Arkana Gift Box


Set includes:


Eye mask rich in rejuvenating peptides, supporting micro circulation and reducing swelling, chestnut extract, highly moisturizing hyaluronic acid, collagen, sodium PCA and a special complex for dark circles around the eyes – extract from chlorella, peony and Chinese garlic. The anatomical shape of the petals adapts to the skin around the eyes, covering the area of ​​the upper and lower eyelids and crow’s feet.

Woman Definition Estri Cream (50ml)

Rejuvenating cream with phytoestrogens

Cream with phytoestrogens for mature skin. It provides support in the period of hormonal changes and restores younger look of the skin. It contains Phytogen which eliminates the signs of skin aging associated with estrogen deficiency and Feminage ™ which prevents the loss of skin elasticity.

Woman Definition Phyto Oil (30ml)

Phytoactive massage oil

Phytoactive care oil for face, containing the composition of vegetable oils that nourish the skin, provide vitamins and strengthen protective barrier.


Endomodeling massager for face

Endomodeling massager is recommended to use with phytoactive oil. Endomassage stimulates the skin and muscles, improves blood circulation, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, increases skin firmness and density, helps remodel facial contours. It improves also microcirculation as well skin drainage, which promotes the removal of toxins and reducing the tendency to endema.

Make endomodeling face massage 1-2 times a week
to improve the condition of your skin.

Home scheme of endomassage?
1. Remove make-up with Woman Definition Blooming Foam.
2. Tone the skin with Woman Definition Essence Water.
3. Make Crystal Peel or Enzymatic Peel if you have sensitive skin.
4. Apply Woman Definition Phyto Oil, massage it manually, then make
endomodeling massage using the massager according to the scheme.
You can find the instructional video on our channel on YouTube
Arkana Cosmetics.
NOTE: Make sure that the amount of oil applied is sufficient for proper
glide of the massager on the skin. Don’t hold massager too long in one place.
5. After finishing the massage, do not wash off the oil. Apply Woman
Definition Estri Cream.

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