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A universal skin compress with a highly moisturising effect!

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A universal skin compress with a highly moisturising effect! Arkana Natural Algae Mask is a professional product dedicated to SPA treatments. Our algae sheet mask is an excellent alternative to alginate masks. It supports the natural reconstruction of the skin’s hydro-lipid coat and thus accelerates its regeneration. The mask is recommended for all skin types. Due to its extreme soothing effect, it’s the perfect remedy for itchy and sensitive skin after derma-aesthetic treatments.


This highly moisturising mask is a perfect addition to professional moisturising and regenerating treatments performed in beauty salons. The Natural Algae Mask can be used, for example, during DERMA CollAGE – the multi-level moisturising treatment with collagen matrix reconstruction made by ARKANA. This rehydration treatment retains water in the deep layers of the skin, where it binds it with proteins and different forms of hyaluronic acid. The treatment can be compared to a derma-cosmetic skin supplement that protects it against dehydration.


How to use it

The Natural Algae Mask should be applied after the oxygenating peeling Oxygen Infusion Mask in a professional treatment procedure. Algae substances are released upon activation using water or tonic. The mask is very convenient to use.



  • Disrupted hydro-lipid barrier 
  • Dry, dehydrated skin requiring intense regeneration
  • Support for the skin after professional derma-aesthetic treatments (including Arkana DERMA CollAGE treatment)
  • Tough and tired skin
  • Wrinkles 
  • Anti-ageing prevention
  • Loss of skin elasticity


Active ingredients

  • 100% Lessonia nigrescens


Capacity: 10 pieces

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