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illuminating cream with a high-dose of vitamin C and cur-cumin

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Advantages of the product

»illuminating cream with a high-dose of vitamin C and cur-cumin

»it provides an immediate GLOW and “touch of gold” effects

»it gives a refreshed and radiant look to the skin immediately

Unique active ingredients

Vecticell® C 50 mg/g, Vecticell® Curcumin 10 mg/g, Nikkol VC-IP 1 mg/g, Luminescine 30 mg/g, rosehip oil, extract from red orange and Kakadu plum

How does it work?

»it provides the skin with a powerful dose of vitamin C and curcumin

»it protects the skin against external stressors (UV, blue light, smog)

»it gives a luminous finish and the effect of healthy radiant skin

»it reduces the effects of photoaging

»it is a perfect make-up base

To whom should it be recommended?

»people with a stressful lifestyle, living in the city, working many hours in front of a computer, smokers

»people whose skin damaged by excessive exposure to the sun

»customers after intensive treatments, especially after peels





C-Fusion Glow is a treatment with a high-dose of vitamin C in three most effective forms with active curcumin, which gives it an extraordinary boost. Vecticell® C contains a combination of two stable forms of vitamin C – sodium ascorbyl phos-phate and ascorbyl palmitate enclosed in liposomes, thanks to which it penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and there it is gradually released and works for many hours. The third form is ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate – an extremely stable lipid form of vitamin C that quickly penetrates deep into the skin. The advantage of ARKANA therapy is the combination of vitamin C with curcumin – a very powerful polyphenol, which has remarkable protective properties – it protects the skin against external stressors: UV radiation, blue light, environmental pollution, and enhances the resistance of the skin. It is new approach to dermocosmetic supplementation which increases vitality and keeps youth. Curcumin also adds a golden and radiant glow to the skin. The illuminating effect is enhanced with Luminescine – a phytocomplex of great mullein flowerswith the unique ability to transform UV light into visible light.


»skin of any type, regardless of age and sex

»for tired, dull skin

»urban and stressed skin

»sun-damaged skin

»smoker’s skin

»vitamin C treatments complementing other treatments

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